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X-Socks Army Silver

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Technical socks designed for professional use. Anatomically shaped right + left footbed with integrated AirConditioning channel and Traverse AirFlow Channel System. Fully sophisticated design with heel, toe, instep and toe protectors. Build-in Achilles tendon protector, Active-collar for optimum fit without pressure/slipping. Intuitive Night-touch function and High-Tech Silver no odor & fungus ion treatment. Conclusion: worry-free comfort for your feet.

- Height: 23 cm by size XL
- Material: 48% Nylon, 25% Wool, 9% Polypropylene, 8% Silk, 7% Polyester, 2% Spandex, 1% Silver
- Sizes: S=35-38 / M=39-41 / L=42-44 / XL=45-47 
- Weight: 70 g


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X-Socks Army Silver

X-Socks Army Silver