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LED Lenser Headlamp MH10

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The MH10 is the lightest LED Lenser headlamp in its brightness class. Equipped with a red taillight, it is perfect for hikers, cyclists or walkers. Red and green color filters make versatile use possible, especially for hunters. Easy to recharge with the USB 3.0.

- Transportation Lock: prevents accidental turning on of the lamp
- Front switch: allows switching on on the lamp head for one-handed operation
- IPX4 Protection against water sprays
- Luminous flux: max. 600 lm - min. 10 lm
- Light: max. 150 m - min. 20 m
- Light duration: max. 120 h - min. 10 h
- Energy supply: 12.58
- Batteries: 1 x battery (Li-Ion) 3.7 V
- LED Model: 1 x Xtreme LED
- Head diameter: 36 mm
- Weight: 158 g



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Брал такой ходить колоть сомов. Удобный, легкий, подзарежается от портативной батарейки на USB. Очень живучая батарея.

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LED Lenser Headlamp MH10

LED Lenser Headlamp MH10